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The suffering of indigenous people tastes like Tur...
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Sometimes you have to ask yourself.....
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My Contest Entry...

I never enter contests. But I entered a Lenny Kravitz concert promoting his upcoming album and you get to ride with him in a VW bus.
I probably won't win but I wouldn't mind riding with him and eating vegetarian pork chops while talking about cool stuff. His list of cool stuff outweighing my list of cool stuff...and we grease each others scalp with tea tree oil. Lastly, we fall asleep with the lingering scent of vanilla and a certain garden "herb" in the air.

Anyway, you had to describe in 500 characters or less why you belong in the "Love Revolution", and this is what I said:

Title: I Live in Love

Treating others as you would want to be treated, even though they may sh*t on you. Waking up in Spain for your first siesta and realizing you can't get any food because everyone else is on siesta too! But it's cool, you share a bag of chips with your best friends until dinner time. Getting free tickets to the movies and spending your ticket money on cheap wine to drink in the movie with a friend. Loving me from afar, letting me do my thing, and coming to retrieve me. I Live in LOVE.

Wish me luck!
(especially since Myspace had an "unexpected error" when I clicked submit)

Posted by TastyKeish at 12:25 AM


Here and Now...

It's been almost a year since I blogged.
I don't know why I haven't written, maybe I was tired of clowning or just I was tired of windex-ing the window into my life so you could see in.

2007 was a pretty good year.

There was that trip to Spain, where an old homo thought I was a delicate young boy ready to be taught the ways of the world. Unfortunately for him, I'm a girl and perhaps he had cataracts and couldn't see that or I DO look like a sexy male model. That trip also introduced me to the finest foods and one Euro salami sandwiches that you can get from a random Asian person standing on a Madrid Street corner at 4am.

2007 also was the year, I got tired of the grind, the B.S 9-5, and moved on. I'm doing what I love but taking it to the next level. My business partner and left-hand man (cause the right hand is my dominate pimp hand for slapping) started having some parties and stop giving away our money to wackadoo ass promoters.
Sidebar: if your DJ is only playing B-side records and your party has more sausage than a beef factory, it's not a party...it's a hair club for men meeting. Also, Dudes- don't you realize by traveling in packs you ruin the male to female ratio for you and everyone else. Don't talk to me and then your 3 homeboys roll up looking all doofy trying to talk to my friend. Surrounding her like a pack of drunken ferets. Don't bring that crap to a Tasty and Digo event ever!

Then there was a trip to Miami. Great time with the girls, but if one more person would have had allergies (to everything) we all would have been drinking Benedryl and coke. It's definitely hard to make everyone happy all the time, but we did our thing, went shopping, clubbing and got followed around by the above mentioned drunken ferrets...good times.

I definitely made some serious life changes along with quitting my regular job. I moved to nice one- bedroom apt. Which isn't to say my old place sucked (it did), but it was where I needed to be at the time. And I hate when people think they're complementing you by saying "Wow- It's about time, your old place sucked!".
You know something genius, I had to live there once upon a time and it was just fine. Concentrate on yourself- and watch your mouth. If you can't tell me how great my present decor is, don't say anything at all.

Also, I think I'm on my way to achieving a mental clarity as to who your friends and family are and what they represent in my life. I'll have to leave it at that for now, cause things are always changing and evolving.

I never left, I was just watching.

Posted by TastyKeish at 10:51 PM


The suffering of indigenous people tastes like Turkey...

I'll give you Tasty's recipe for a turkey-rific thanksgiving weekend:

Thursday (Thanksgiving Day):
Get all the stuff together that you're taking over your parents house in a box and when your landlord sees you leaving with said box...
Act nervous, like you didn't mean for him to see you moving out.

When you're done playing holiday mind games, go over your parents house and start pouring out wine with the one that's more fun getting drunk with. (Love you dad!)
Drinking also masks the shame you feel when you realize you brother can cook and nobody ate your store bought apple pie...

Thursday night:
Go to work because nothing says family like leaving their asses behind to make a few extra buxx.
Get the bubbly at work and stink up the bathroom cause u ate too much...

Friday Night:
Feel proud of your mastery in public mass transit by ending up New Jersey.
Feel proud of your ability to put away mass produced meat at a fine establishment such as
TGI Friday's.
Feel proud of your sex appeal....white butch lesbian's send you drinks and compliment your "grill".
and POINT, because AGENT 80 is uncomfortable, I think they liked her more!

Go to a family theme party and watch your parents dirty dance in 1920 era clothing.
Proceed to get drunk and hope at age 25 you'll not be receiving another little brother in the next 9 months.

Don't shower. It wouldn't be a lazy day if you did.
Don't be ashamed to relish in your own body funk.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things I'm thankful for:
My family and the fact I moved away from them. Sometimes you gotta move so people can realize your value. I love them more now.
My friends, especially the ones that have stuck by me this past year. (Big D,G,Big Sleeveless, Digo!, Vicky, The Agents, April, and Regine)
Agents 80 and 82, because they're the sister's I never had.
Howie because we can handle the worst and look forward to the best.

To all those that helped me grow and realize my potential and continue to help me climb that ladder to the top...This means YOU!


Posted by TastyKeish at 10:28 PM


Buy one, get one free...

New York Newsday:

Dress counts

Women dress better when they are most fertile, according to a study
published online last week in the journal Hormones and Behavior.

The study's lead author is Martie G. Haselton, a scientist in behavior, evolution and culture at the University of California at Los Angeles.

That means i'm MOST fertile every Saturday night... at Happy Hour!!

Posted by TastyKeish at 12:12 AM


Sometimes you have to ask yourself.....

am I racist if i give this to my Chinese friend?


Am I racist if I buy it for myself and wear it when I see her?

Posted by TastyKeish at 10:24 PM



DJTastyKeish: what u doing?
blackzilla69G: nothing
DJTastyKeish: u know what i hate? text msg fwds
blackzilla69G: lol why
DJTastyKeish: its like ppl stealing 10 cents from
DJTastyKeish: me
blackzilla69G: lololol
DJTastyKeish: i'm gonna call those ppl when they have no daytime minutes from overseas
blackzilla69G: lololol

Posted by TastyKeish at 11:41 PM


Jesus Rims...

the originator of ride or die.

Posted by TastyKeish at 11:55 PM



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