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Did I Flush?

Today was the first day back to school for me, everyone said i shouldn't have gone but Texas Justice and The Montell Williams Show just wasn't cutting it. So after heavily self medicating myself, I went to school. Honestly, I kept having nightmares that if I didn't go to this one particular class I would be whipped about the rear end by textbooks. Not whipped about the rear end by magazines like I usually enjoy. Anyway, I took my grandfather's cane...I mean my "sympathy stick" to class with me hoping for a couple extra points on the quiz we had today. Disregard the fact that I might need it, I'm totally superficial. Oh, If you're wondering why I "borrowed" my grandafther's cane, I figured "hey, he's dead, so it's pretty much up for grabs."

Another thing that I felt like sharing was the reappearance of my bowel movement. I know, i know "CONGRATULATIONS!" But really, after a couple days on a liquid/soft diet you start to realize that the amount of poo made directly corrolates to the amount of solid food one eats. And when a cool girl like me finally drops a load down the porcelain throne after a couple days, one tends to be excited kinda like your period after a pregnancy scare. So.........CONGRATULATE ME! (u can leave your best wishes in the comment section of this blog, they are greatly appreciated)

On a more serious note, every poo is like a newborn child, it's ugly but you wanna cuddle it anyway, don't let those moments goto waste. Thank you.

Posted by TastyKeish at 11:31 PM


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