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Mo' Meds

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I met someone new, his name is Darvoset. He's small thick and bright orange, much like the penis of an "Ompaloompa" from Willy Wonka, and much like a penis, he is a temporary source of comfort. HE IS A PAINKILLER. And I love him for that, all the "mom baths" in the world cannot measure up to the floating, brain being infiltrated by colorful entities. It was later I realized that the colorful entities were a result of falling asleep with the Cartoon Network on.

But that's where the honeymoon ends, one of the side effects is that all I do is drool. I'm not talking that cute baby gurgle type drool. I'm talking zombified patient in a mental hospital and no napkin nearby drool. For my haitian compatriots, you know it's bad when you have a bucket by the bed like your grandma. You know your grandma has a bucket, don't lie! (And she doesn't just spit in it either).

So as I write this, I fall in and out of a phallic inspired sleep filled with saliva buckets and very scary mornings waking to the Powder Puff Girls..........I bid you adieu

Posted by TastyKeish at 1:35 AM


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