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SAKE, now that's some good shit...

It was a damn good weekend. I went our with some friends, one male one female (trust me this will matter later). We hit a club where we started the drinkin right away and we had the ill discount. So it was like stealing, which made it better. My guy friend had me the "toothless fairy" on arm and my homegirl on the other. Instantly putting the other men in the club at attention. He was mackin! He sucked face with my friend and danced with me, WHO else can do that but someone I know! None of you bitches, that's for sure. Aight, let me chill, He wasn't the onLy one mackin though. YOUR's Truly had her pimp game down to an art. This sexy bastard right here was putting away free drinks like it was none of my business...

Next, my friends and I hit the Japanese food spot. My homeboy and I quickly chose some prime sake and continued the task of getting "shitfaced" drunk. I'm not sure but we probably disrespected some Japanese people talking whatever loud shit we were talking. I noticed my boy and my homegirl gettin real cozy, trying to be cute, lying to each other, making out. I'm like cool, "More food for me!". We finish up, pay the bill and decide to have another beer at her hotel room.
This is where my judgement got clouded.

We all get to her place, I'm drinking, we all chatting, they all dry humping. I'm still cool, I just sit there. Every minute that passed was like falling deeper and deeper into a porno. I went to the bathroom to watch the walls spin and these whores are under the covers. At this point I'm like "Fuck it, take your clothes off, you gonna be hot under there with 'em on". So I try to ignore them but the soberness starts to set in and I steal some pillows and a blanket and exile myself to the hallway.

But it got weird, they started makin nasty and I was intrigued and freaked out like when you catch your parents. The bed was all like creakin and squeakin and like 30 seconds later (i'm not sure if you went for more rounds homeboy but that first round was quick), there was a lull in the action and I took the chance to get the fuck outta there faster than a soldier held hostage in Iraq.

Had they invited me along for the "ride", this would be a different post...

Posted by TastyKeish at 1:22 AM


Had they invited you for the ride? Hmmmmm! U freaky like that? awaight now!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:46 AM  

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