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Higher Education...

I'm ready to be done with college.

How is it that you pay "x" amount of ga-bazillion dollars to recieve higher education and at the end of the whole thing, it just doesn't seem worth it. After all the fraud of buying textbooks that get upgraded every semester that your professor wrote himself and that he fuckin lectures to you word for word. In all the four-plus years that you end up buying books, transportation, dorms (for you that are a bit more priviledged than us commuters), student loans, it all costs more than the national debt and the wardrobe for the cast of "Sex and The City" combined.

Don't forget the costs to unwind from all that alleged learning: liquor, parties, weed....high speed internet for all that music (and porn) i'm stealing.

I might have neglected to tell you that i'm graduating this semester and I don't feel prepared by the powers that be to enter the workforce.

What a waste.

Posted by TastyKeish at 10:15 PM


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