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Random Rave

Hey y'all I'm officially depressed. Alf has been resurected from the bowels of television hell. Am I the only person who thought that was a waste of good tv? Another waste of tv is the Tony Danza show, actually maybe ALF should replace him. Oh, and how sad is it that Ed Mcman is ALF's co host? Poor old guy, he's second place to a fuckin puppet. I'm not gonna lie, I'd be second place to a mucus filled christmas stocking if they paid me enough.

On another note, why since i got satellite can't i make my VCR work? I swear it's a conspiracy to make me come home to watch "The Apprentice", "ER", "Twilight Zone","Quantum Leap", "Real World", "Starting Over",all the different Law and Order Shows, as well as the different CSI shows, Sesame street, The Simpsons, The News in general...etc. That's alot of tv to not be taping.

Posted by TastyKeish at 2:19 AM


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