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Dear Ol' Dirty Bastard,

It's fucked up how the news is taking every chance even in yor death to disparage your image. We all know you been to prison but why they gotta show you in cuffs on every channel when they announced your death? So, you escaped from rehab? That's what we expect a nigga that names himself "Big Baby Jesus" to do. But why does it have to implied that you died because of your drug problems? And if you did die because of drugs, that' nobody's business but yours. Instead you got these cheap scrolling captions on the bottom of the TV. If you were seeing that from wherever you are now, I bet you want to pop a cap in the media's ass. People loved your crazy ass from all over the world, why can't they show that?

Rest in Peace.

Posted by TastyKeish at 10:17 PM


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