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I'm back. Finals are over, college is over for that matter. Thank God.
I'm glad i got outta there because I had a stalker for about two weeks. "Stalker!", you say. "Yea, stalker" I reply.

Like a month ago, my mom picked me up from campus (I let her do that sometimes, it makes her feel like she's needed) and she didn't see me. Being cheap, she refuses to get a cell phont till they cost 3.99 a month for an infinity minutes plan, so she borrowed somebody's cell phone. She called me really quick and got off..... No big deal right?

Wrong! Two weeks later some guy instant messages my phone, asking me if i'm Keisha and do i goto Brooklyn College, I thought it was someone I knew messin with me so i asked him who he
was. He stopped IM'ing me till the next couple days when he saw me online and started up again talking about how he wants to meet me calling me "sexy" and other "sexy" things you want freaky strangers to tell you. I asked him how he knew my name and he said he met my friend and let her borrow his phone and he just kept the number and remembered my name.
He had the nerve to tell me some shit like that and still talk to me. And you know what he did next?

He called me. Remember, up till now he's been IM'ing my phone and online, now this guy CALLS me.

He gives me some sorry ass story about how he never did this before and he just wants to meet someone on campus and that he will be on campus monday, can we meet? I was so freaked out I said "I gotta go, bye".

Monday came and went and he sees me online and IM's me. I told him he shouldn't call people that never gave him their number, that shit it creepy. He got insulted and called me an "easy scare and shy" and that "you're not outgoing, I just want to meet a girl like me." Then he signed off. I was pissed and I didn't even get to write back and say how sick he was...
So I did the next best thing, I I'med his cell phone. That piece of shit harrassed me, now i'll harass him. But first I asked around about him and found out he's a Magilla Gorilla sophomore mofo that is 20 but looks like 35 years old and that he steals girls numbers from their cell phones when they aren't looking.

Anyway this is what I wrote to his cell phone:
"You tried to act like u never contacted someone anonymously before, but i asked about you. and my instinct was right. Mad people know you from SUBO, stealing girls phone numbers and trying to call them. I'm not shy or an easy scare. I pegged you as a freak and I was right. You lucky if I dont report you to security or something. I try to tell you what you were doing was weird, and you tried to insult me. Even the most freaky outgoing girl wouldn't meet you like that. And if they did, they stupid cuz if you were just alil more crazy you would probably be a serial killer.You have a long life to live and it's gonna be longer if you dont learn to socialize properly."

I should have called him a piece of shit at the end but I forgot. Anyway, I haven't heard from him since...

Anyway, keep your eyes open, I'll be posting my surgical update this weekend, as I am going to have my surgery tomorrow.

Who loves ya?

Posted by TastyKeish at 3:42 AM


Oh my god, that's halarious! I would have been scared s***less! You handled it well. That is just strange. *Shakes head* Have you even see the guy around yet? Somethings wrong with a man calling someone who didn't give their phone number to him. Just tell your friends not to call you from no one's cell phone anymore.

Minderz @ espiritoradiante.net

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:23 AM  

Keish - Next time this happens, block his SN from bothering you! - Spencer

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:30 PM  

You did handle it well. But this guy has been doing this for a while now. I hope he stops it too.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:47 PM  

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