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Methinks I have the Flu...

Turns out that going out with your mom for the whole day isn't a good idea especially if she's coughing and you're driving around with the windows up. I was just basking in her germs. The next day she was so worse off she was making sounds like a dying animal in between coughs. I didn't think anything of it til last night when I started making the dying animal sounds and coughing.

So, I promise to be back when my eyes don't hurt from looking at the computer screen.

Posted by TastyKeish at 3:35 PM


Pitt got w/ the wrong girl. Aniston thinks she's a career woman, she doesn't know the role of a wife. She doesn't want to stay at home tough. What's she going to do? Friends? It's over. Aniston is from a broken home and Pitt's parents are loving ppl, another reason they didn't last. He's too good (looking) for her anyway. A TV star doesnt compare to a movie icon. A TV Star from an ensemble cast might i add. My friend told me years ago he hated Aniston cuz she's Greek but changed her last name.

Anderson going for Lee is another joke. You go out w/ a creep u get everything u deserve. You're a hoe bag, try covering urself up for once in your life!

Lopez wanted to be black and then white. i think now she found out she's really Hispanic!

Feel better soon. - S

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:59 PM  

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