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Ipods and public transportation don't mix...

The news has been reporting a rash of Ipod related crimes unrelated to stealing mp3's but Ipod getting physically taken from people.
Since I don't have an Ipod (no fm radio=no deal) I can only imagine that people are jogging or riding the train enjoying their music with the notorious white headphones on. Some might even have it in their hands spinning that dial with their thumbs, never guessing they are about to get JACKED.
My friend witnessed this happen on the way to campus, a ride I personally have taken a million times and said these guys cornered a girl and just took the her Ipod in front of the whole train. I can understand minding your own business, but the other passengers chastised THE VICTIM for even having an Ipod. They got on her case for using her PORTABLE music player so she wouldn''t have to listen to their inane blather and to help tune out of their body odors on the long ride to the last stop of the 2 train.
She just sat there embarrased. I would have started stealing their purses and shit and saying you shouldn't be carrying handbags if you don't want to get robbed.

I really hate people more and more everyday.

Posted by TastyKeish at 5:59 PM



By Blogger Queen of Ass, at 10:54 PM  

Right on. People suck.

-Alli (www.entranced.org)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:56 PM  

Firstly, we need to kill Apple for those atrocities of music storage!

Secondly, we need to kill Napster for selling out! Damn pussies!

Finaly, all thos epeople who steal the iPods are fucking retards! Those things are like the Talking Elmo and the fucking Furbies! Fads! Waste of time fads! Come Christmas you will be able to trade in an old yoyo for one of those damn iPods because they won't be worth more than the piece of paper Keisha complained about in another post!

Simple solution! Buy yourself a Nomad or some other big storage capacity MP3 player that hasn't decided to be Gods gift to the electronics world and enjoy it because no one gives a damn to steal those. Publicity and hype kill products and that is what is making morons out of people.


By Blogger TheDevilishSaint, at 1:40 AM  

This is just as bad as when kids were/are getting /robbed killed for their Nikes.

Sad sad stuff.

By Blogger Mike, at 5:44 PM  

Here in Manila, it is the cellphones that are being stolen. So, we don't usually flaunt cellphones out for fear of being robbed in the street.

By Blogger Hazel Marie, at 11:50 PM  

Hi Hazel,
That's the kind of stuff that makes me mad. People can't respect others desire to use items of convenience. And recently, I saw on the news subway crime has gone up not only for ipods but for cellphones as well. We're catching up to you guys in Manila!

By Blogger TastyKeish, at 2:40 AM  

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