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Woof, Woof...

I'm always looking for something new to watch on tv and I'll be damned if I saw a show on the National Geographic Channel called The Dog Whisperer. It shows people with crazy dogs and they get help for them. One Dog had Obsessive Complusive Disorder and ran so much around the house he made a path in the yard. A 160 pound Lab was scared of shiny floors cuz he ran into a glass window he thought wasn't there, so the owners had to carry around a carpet so he would go into places with shiny floors. There was a tiny Chihauhua that was the devil himself, I thought his head was gonna start spinning.

Ceasar Milan, is the host. He is The Dog Whisperer. He says cute things like "How you are doing today?", instead of " How are you doing today?". He' s a miracle worker, the reason I don't change the channel is cause i'm convinced his latin accent is what cures the dogs. But he does have some logical cures like walking the dog the right way. And running 50mph into a building with shiny floors with 160lb dogs. He must have said a prayer on the devil dog, cause it was sweet as honey by the end of the show.

I don't care much for dogs. But I do love CRAZY dogs. Oh and Cesar, If you're reading this, call me. You Sexy bastard, you.

Posted by TastyKeish at 6:13 PM


i could use that guy at my place.. i've got two african basenjis that run amok all day!

By Blogger mcgibfried, at 10:34 PM  

You are fabulous, Keep up the funny commentary. Ceasar is my fav, I have TIVO'd every episode.
I guess you havent seen the ones with his wife and family. I have seven dogs on three acres in Texas. I would pay anything to get him out here. He has a new DVD.http://www.cesar-millan.com/

Have a good life!
Very nice blogspot!

By Anonymous Tara, at 10:20 AM  

I love your show,wondering if you help people on the east coast?
we have a 115lb. bullmastiff,rescuesd,he is dog aggressive,I have watched your DVD,I`m afraid to take him out by myself.Other than that,very loving.

You are Great,keep up the good work.
dog lover,in Durham,N.C.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:19 AM  

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