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Working Girl....

I would write about my new job, but I been reading about people who get fired for writing about their jobs, so i'm just gonna say the "Cha- Ching" and leave it at that.

Unlike that dumb flight attendent that took inappropriate pics of herself on a the plane she worked on, she was actually surprised she got fired. She tried to be sexy in a few but could really use a push up bra, that was her first mistake. Then she was sitting across the top of a row of seats, if she didnt get fired for being an idiot, she should have gotten fired for abusing company furniture.

I'm gonna look for the link again, so I can post it up. Stupidity at it finest.

Feel free to link the dumbest reasons for getting fired for blogging.

Posted by TastyKeish at 1:03 AM


i want to hear one of these "fired for blogging" stories... do tell!

By Blogger mcgibfried, at 12:19 AM  


This isn't about getting "dooced" (new term for getting fired for your blog content), but it's equally or more f-ed up. Check it out:

Would-be kidney transplant recipient denied because of website. Alex Crionas needs a kidney, and his friend Patrick Garrity would like to give him one. But the transplant was recently blocked by a coordinating group because Crionas published an account of his need for the procedure on a personal website. The group said Crionas' online outreach gave him an unfair advantage over other candidates who may not have internet resources.

They went through rigorous blood and tissue testing last month at LifeLink HealthCare Institute, which coordinates the transplant program for Tampa General Hospital, and say they were declared physically compatible for the operation. But the hope of a new life for the 28-year-old Crionas didn't last long. Crionas got a letter earlier this month from LifeLink, a Tampa nonprofit that links patients and donors, telling him his request for surgery was rejected because Crionas had a Web site seeking a donor. "I was dumbfounded," Crionas said. "We didn't even meet through the Web site."

By Blogger TastyKeish, at 8:37 AM  

Here's the flight attendant's site, You can find the pics somewhere on there.

I read in an articlee that she's even accepting donations thru paypal! She's disgusting, i'm gonna trash this comment in a day or two because i can't bare to give her anymore publicity...

By Blogger TastyKeish, at 8:44 AM  

That's amazing about the kidney transplant. If I needed something I would jump from a roof top, if that would help me get something done sooner, but...

how's your new job?

Think most of the 90's jobs disapeared because they weren't part of the real world, but dreams that people couldn't realize wouldn't last.

So it might take you longer and you might make less money but in the long run, it's real world stuff.

By Anonymous pia, at 9:43 AM  

okay, seriously - she's out of her damn mind. okay, so they weren't nudie shots, but dammit, if it were my company and my plane, i would have tried to find new and interesting ways to fire her.

what did she think would happen when they found out?

By Blogger miyna, at 8:56 AM  

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