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Rock The Casbah...

My self fullfilling prophesy came true, see previous post for details.

My cousins, Agent 80 and 82....I'm agent 81. (Apparently in my head I think we're the CIA of having Good Times.) We spent last weekend celebrating the fruits of my labor by bumping and grinding with random men in Atlantic City. Yea baby! The agents and I met some fellows we affectionately refer to as: Crazy Guy, Sexy Guy, Nice Guy (who's not as cute and probably hates to be nicknamed "Nice Guy" because being nice doesn't get you laid), and Anaconda (with a nickname like that, he will get laid. But not by me cuz I like my anacondas more garden snake size).
As much as I would like to post a pic of these guys taken with a mid quality camera phone, something tells me that legally....I shouldn't.

So we turned the Taj Mahal out....spent about twenty bucks at the nickel slots, like the big ballers we are. After indulging our low level gambling addiction, we hit the Casbah, the club in the Taj for some free for ladies clubing. When we hit the door, we noticed that there was like five black people in there and we were three of them. That meant the odds were in our favor, we would be beating white boys off us with sticks. And thats pretty much what happened. Instead of sticks, I beat them off with provacative dancing, the kind that was illegal in the movie "Footloose" starring Kevin Bacon. Something tells me it encouraged them instead.
Go figure.

Our trio was downsized to a duo, when agent number 82 had to get some sleep around three AM...she's still young, she'll catch up. Agent number 80 and I (81) stuck with it till 6AM. We don't give up, we fought the a good battle with sleep deprivation and won. Then we lost the war by messing up our day of marathon shopping by waking up at 2pm when all the stores close at 6 on a Sunday.

To find out if The Agents and I will be at a club near you. Contact me for details. :)

Posted by TastyKeish at 7:50 PM


I am glad to see you had a wonderful time agent 81. You deserved it. You know that there will be a part two real soon! Since today is your Birthday and we are unable to celebrate like the true ballas we are, we shall definately make this occasion up real soon! Once again, I hope you have a happy birthday.
love your friendly agent,

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:45 PM  

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