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12 A.M. on the way to the club...

I'm back up in this piece.
I was running around for the past few weeks like a chicken from a voodoo ceremony. Been working the overnight shift. Got my new voiceover demo done, I'm sounding like such a sassy broad on it, which makes me happy. Then I had to deal with all the end of the year commencement stuff, I figure since I'm not going to the graduation ceremony itself, I might as well goto all the lunches...so I can get my free eat on.

All that running around paid off though, cause The Agents and I did it again.
We gave the club a run for it's money. And since we get in free, it wasn't too tough. Except for one of our Junior Operatives, Big Sleeveless who had to pay 30 dollars to get in cuz he's a guy. Poor guy spent his night supervising us hot bitches, lol.Don't you feel like you're invincible when you're hanging out with a guy that can easily be quarterback in the NFL? Cause I did. I totally gave the finger to some smartass cops that tried to skip the line at the club, after we skipped them skipping us :) What are you gonna do assholes? Arrest me?
Did I mention the two girls and the four Afghani dudes we let skip the line with us? That was just to piss them off.

Three Things that let you know it's going to be a good night:

1. A girl vomits on the carpet right in front of security and goes right back into the club, nasty throw-up mouth and all.

2. You park right by the elevator, already confirming the fact that you can drink all night and walk right smack into the car. IF you get off at the right floor.

3. It's a good night when you park next to this:

A carpet covered car, that I vomited on after leaving the club drunk.

Good Times!

Posted by TastyKeish at 11:56 AM


Yes agent 81, we had a wonderful night. Great connections, free drinks, great music and plenty of hot guys...to make that Memorial weekend a memorable one. I couldn't ask for more... well on the other hand, I would'nt mind J, or O for a couple of nights...If you know what I mean :)
I think this one goes down in the records...

your friendly agent,
Agent 80

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:52 PM  

You deserve alil J AND O for more than a couple nights! Especially after the way that Chinese food made you sick!

;) Tasty Agent 80

By Blogger TastyKeish, at 9:28 PM  

OOPS! I forgot wish one I was I meant...Tasty Agent 81!!

By Blogger TastyKeish, at 9:30 PM  

Don't know what J or O is but I wouldn't mind some K for a few nights.

Just Plain Tasty :-)

By Blogger TheDevilishSaint, at 8:51 AM  


By Blogger mcgibfried, at 3:49 AM  

Sold your soul for rock & roll? Hey Robert Johnson supposedly did it for the blues and while it didn't really get him too many places during his life, look at all it spawned.

and I sold my soul for rock a long time ago, because I like it

keep it going! Hate to say this publicly--but hell, you're one of my fave people on the biosphere

By Anonymous pia, at 4:32 PM  

I That night I felt like the guy on charlies angels who oversees the girls. Also some ladies in the club (not including the girls) are just so damn uptight. Like asking to dance is an invitation for me to get in the pants. had to get that of my chest. Also who is agent 81 and what up with this wanting J, O or K and who are these people.

Junior operative BigSleeveless

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:35 AM  

Agent 81 I think you need to school Bigsleeveless about our code names.....Bigsleeveless...you definately know who is agent 80...you stayed at her place. As for J and O. At the end, I really enjoyed having some J but I couldnt mess with the O cuz thats just too confusing...courtesy of Agent 81 :). Its all good..we have to keep things in codes cuz you never know who's watching...and we dont want our game to get messed up.
Your secret is safe with me,
Agent 80.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:40 PM  

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