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Bad Breath

Hello all,

This is Agent 80.....As you may be aware I am blogg-sitting for one of my agents. Well Today's topic is Bad Breath....I know, I know..this topic is serious...in fact any thing that deals with hygienes is serious. But all jokes aside, some people really need to work hard on their hygiene issues...because there is nothing worse than getting hit in the face by someones bad breath!

The other day I went shopping at the mall..getting my makeover and celebrating my new life. Until suddenly, I ran into an old associate of mines. As he was talking to me, trying to get my number...I was dying before his eyes. His breath was burning my eyelids off and I could hardly breathe. The smell of something worse than the NYC sewage was comming from his direction..... and nauseating me. And there he stood before me trying to holla at me. To get some sort of relief and to keep the conversation short, I kindly offered him a mint.... and do you know he had the nerve to say no! In total disbelief and in shock, I had to cut the conversation short. I could no longer endure, the smell of his breath. Here I am trying to help a brotha out with his hygiene issues and he refuses a free mint! How ungrateful...there is nothing worse than a physically attractive guy with bad breath!

Posted by TastyKeish at 7:59 AM


Nature's own Velveeta!

Watkin's Glen Park serve's it up again!

It's really hard to do anything much less blog when you're in the middle of nowhere being a camp nurse/ radio teacher. So when you have a day off to go anywhere, you go with whoever has a car.

The car I went with went to this State Park in Super-Upstate-Damn-Near-Canada-New York and I took these exciting pics. What else is there to do but take pics of nature's cheese?

In my effort to have regular blog content, I'll be having our friendly neighborhood Agents 80 and 82 man the fort. Also, I welcome any news from the outside world, as I am mentally imprisoned in a world of 7-15 year olds that need constant attention.

Agents make me proud!

Posted by TastyKeish at 8:46 PM


Watkins Glen State Park

A Geologists Wet Dream...

Posted by TastyKeish at 8:37 PM



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