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TastyKeish goes to....

LONDON Motherf-ing England!

And it was goooooooood, in that ego trip sort of way. They give the kind of love you can't get at home, like when you CAN'T possibly drink anymore without getting alcohol poisoning and they keep buying you drinks...even in the morning. That's hospitality!

With that being said, I'll introduce you to some of the things did and people I met. Starting with American Airlines' breakfast:

This is some BS, If i thought they were gonna drop a box of "ready to eat" crap in my lap, i would have took India Air, the fare was cheaper and atleast the crackers would have been curried. Oh and the TV hardly worked and my chair was busted, I'm only saying it now because I'm passive aggressive.

When I got there, I was totally jet-lagged and slept the whole day away, not too mention the next half a day. It's my vacation I'll waste it anyway that I want. However, I did get wasted with this dude:

Say hello to my friend "Poppin Fresh" imagine this dude with an African accent saying "shake and bake the cake on a rake", over and over with my encouragement of course.

The next day I went to some museums and saw some psychedelic Brazilian art from the late 1960's. It was all kind of interactive and extrasensory so here I am trying some art with my feet:
I was really trying when I was feeling the leaves... TastyKeish embraces new experiences, so let's just go ahead and step on... BRICKS!
Apparently, in the late 60's people were high.

So I went to look at stuff at the British Museum, like: apparently this guy cut his arms off cause his penis is too small.

That was some day stuff, here's my night crew:
Prince Akeem of Zamunda and his Fair Lady Lisa McDowell ;-) They took me to the night spots in one of which I witnessed the precursor to a threesome. Let me tell you about it real quick...This white guy was with a black girl and a white girl in a VIP type area, they had some champagne flowing and there was definatly some open girl on girl breast handling and threeway kissing. So I turn to my friend the Fair Lady Lisa McDowell, and say "Yo, I bet you I can scoop up one of those chicks." She gives me a look that says "try it". Next thing you know I'm freak dancing the black chick. It was cool but she wasn't that great looking up close and that was that...

Speaking of picking up girls, meet "Semi" aka "The Black 007",

He is almost as tasty as Tasty herself and he knows it. For a good time, see his number scrawled on the inside of a bathroom stall near you.

This next dude on the left of Tasty, is quite the gentleman, I'll call him "Young Sir" he is kin to the above noted "Price Akeem of Zamunda". The one on the right i'll call "DWI", for obvious reasons.
Hanging out with these two was like having two dates that knew about each other. That was definatley a good look for Tasty...

Instead of being at the boring ass Olymipics, the wonderful and very cute Italian bartenders at Bar B Lo kept my blood alcohol level at steady illegal level every night of my trip.

I also went to the usual tourist shopping traps like Covent Garden, Picadilly Circus, and Camden Town, where I spent an exorbent amount of money. And I spent like 3 hours at the QUEEN of ALL Shopping ESTABLISHMENTS...
It took me 5 minutes to buy some specialty tea and the rest of the time to get out of the store.

Like I said to the guys that smelled like feet before I left the hostel I was supposed to stay at: "Enjoy your vacation, Bitches!"

I know I did,

Posted by TastyKeish at 8:14 PM



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