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I know, I know...

Alot has gone down since I last blogged. I will reveal all in good time....

But first I want to tell you about
Bad T.V.

As a child, my parents were all about "NO T.V. on the Weekdays!"
So my brothers and I would smuggle some T.V resulting in memorizing whole channel line ups and knowing how long to turn the T.V off so they wouldn't feel the heat eminate from the back of it when they got home.

Fast Forward....I graduated college with a BA in TV/ Radio. My brother is an idiot savant, that can photographically memorize stuff. My other brother is the baby so they got tired of being vigilant and he watches whatever he wants...

Let me get on with it....I moved into my own place.
It includes all utilities and CABLE. Nice deal huh? Maybe, If I could watch more than F-ing Law and Order reruns and damn Lifetime Classic Movies...
What's so classic about anorexia, date rape, and wife beating?

When you have the Dish, I mean Sh*t Network's cheapest option free from your landlord, you have no choice but to watch:

The WATER channel: A channel about America's love of anything ON, IN, or Around Water. WHO THE HELL WATCHES THIS? And, WHY aren't you dead in a pool of your saliva?

And all the channels from ASIA. No where else but ASIA. Sometimes I watch Indian sitcoms, that suck so bad I want to boil my head in spicy curry sauce.

I catch the occaisional chinese soap opera which has enough courtesy to put english subtitles at the bottom. I can't argue with that at 4:30 in the morning...

I can't afford good cable, so now I'm blogging again.

Posted by TastyKeish at 1:32 AM


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