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The suffering of indigenous people tastes like Turkey...

I'll give you Tasty's recipe for a turkey-rific thanksgiving weekend:

Thursday (Thanksgiving Day):
Get all the stuff together that you're taking over your parents house in a box and when your landlord sees you leaving with said box...
Act nervous, like you didn't mean for him to see you moving out.

When you're done playing holiday mind games, go over your parents house and start pouring out wine with the one that's more fun getting drunk with. (Love you dad!)
Drinking also masks the shame you feel when you realize you brother can cook and nobody ate your store bought apple pie...

Thursday night:
Go to work because nothing says family like leaving their asses behind to make a few extra buxx.
Get the bubbly at work and stink up the bathroom cause u ate too much...

Friday Night:
Feel proud of your mastery in public mass transit by ending up New Jersey.
Feel proud of your ability to put away mass produced meat at a fine establishment such as
TGI Friday's.
Feel proud of your sex appeal....white butch lesbian's send you drinks and compliment your "grill".
and POINT, because AGENT 80 is uncomfortable, I think they liked her more!

Go to a family theme party and watch your parents dirty dance in 1920 era clothing.
Proceed to get drunk and hope at age 25 you'll not be receiving another little brother in the next 9 months.

Don't shower. It wouldn't be a lazy day if you did.
Don't be ashamed to relish in your own body funk.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things I'm thankful for:
My family and the fact I moved away from them. Sometimes you gotta move so people can realize your value. I love them more now.
My friends, especially the ones that have stuck by me this past year. (Big D,G,Big Sleeveless, Digo!, Vicky, The Agents, April, and Regine)
Agents 80 and 82, because they're the sister's I never had.
Howie because we can handle the worst and look forward to the best.

To all those that helped me grow and realize my potential and continue to help me climb that ladder to the top...This means YOU!


Posted by TastyKeish at 10:28 PM


They should just call it a Happy Tastygivin' Week. I am definitely thankful for you. Without you there would be no agents! Love ya!
Agent 80

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:40 AM  

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